Legal information

The Prospectus of the Divina Capital Fund (an Umbrella fund) prescribed by the Wft and was adopted on 14/07/2020. The purpose of the Prospectus is to provide information about the Divina Capital Fund in order to enable (potential) investors to form an opinion about, among other things, the risks and costs associated with participation.

(Potential) investors are explicitly pointed out that investment involves financial risks. The value of Participations can rise as well as fall. Investors may lose part or all of their investment. (Potential) investors are expressly advised to read the Prospectus carefully and to take note of the entire contents of the Prospectus before deciding to invest in the Divina Capital Fund. By applying to join the Fund, Participants are deemed to have read and agreed to the contents of the Prospectus. Other persons or institutions providing services or entering into transactions with respect to the Divina Capital Fund are also deemed to have taken note of and agree to the contents of the Prospectus.

With the exception of the Fund Manager and other parties referred to in the Prospectus, no one is entitled to provide information or make statements about the Divina Capital Fund.

The Fund Manager is authorised to offer the Participations to a limited amount of retail investors in the Netherlands or to be active in any other way to promote the sale of the Participations to professional investors and institutional investors. The Participations are offered exclusively on the basis of the information in the Prospectus. A purchase of participations made on the basis of information deviating from the Prospectus is made at the company’s own risk. The information contained in the Prospectus does not constitute investment advice.

The provision and distribution of the Prospectus or the offer and/or sale of participations may be subject to (legal) restrictions in certain jurisdictions outside the Netherlands. The Prospectus does not constitute an offer (or invitation to make an offer) to buy Participations in any jurisdiction where such an offer or invitation is not permitted under the laws and regulations applicable in that jurisdiction, or to a person to whom it is not permitted to make such an offer or invitation. Any person who comes into possession of the Prospectus shall be deemed to take note of and comply with such restrictions. The Fund Manager and the Legal Owner accept no liability whatsoever for any violation by any one of the restrictions referred to above, whether or not it concerns a potential purchaser of Participations.

A Key Investor Information Document (Document Essentiele Beleggersinformatie ‘EBI’) has been drawn up for the Divina Capital Fund containing information about the product, costs and risks. Do not take unnecessary risks; read the Key Investor Information.

Investing in the Divina Capital Fund is excluded for persons falling under the definition of “Specified US Person” according to the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and for legal entities that are not established in an EU Member State. See further section 9 of the Prospectus (“Unit-holders, register and meetings”).

The Prospectus is exclusively governed by Dutch law and replaces all previously published prospectuses of the Divina Capital Fund. The Prospectus is published exclusively in the English language.

Divina Capital / Divina Investments B.V.

The Fund Manager of the Divina Investment Funds is Divina Investments B.V., a private limited liability company incorporated under Dutch law, with its registered office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The company was incorporated on 14/07/2020 and is registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) in Amsterdam under Number 78579651.

The Fund Manager will be registered with the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets under the Financial Supervision Act (Wet op het financieel toezicht). The Fund Manager’s registration will be made available on the Website. If the Fund Manager decides to request the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets to revoke the registration, this will be notified to the Unit-holders in the manner set out in Chapter 8 of this Prospectus (“Information”).